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Re: Querying an Oracle DB from Octave?

From: markbn
Subject: Re: Querying an Oracle DB from Octave?
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2011 14:54:02 -0700 (PDT)

First of all, thanks for your answer and for the examples.

> One very simple way to query a database is to use its command line tools
> to execute a query and store the result into a csv file which you can
> easily read afterwards with octave.

Yes, that's always possible, but I was looking into something more
"integrated with Octave" such as the octave-swig package.

> The oracle tool which provides that feature is sqlplus. If I understand
> what you said you are running your scripts on the production server and if
> that is the same server where you have oracle installed sqlplus should be
> already there (of course I do not know if I understand now correctly your
> setup).

Sorry for not providing more details. By "production server" I didn't mean
the DB server (that's a different production server), but a server where all
our programs are deployed and run by an admin. For several reasons they
won't install Java there. 

At any rate, for querying an oracle DB I guess I need the Oracle Client
anyway (which is already installed there as far as I know), and I suppose
sqlplus is part of it? I have never used that program.

> You can also also run sqlplus with popen2 from octave to establish a two
> way connection via pipes and send the commands one by one to it and
> receive the  output also that way.

That sounds better than the pure command line approach. Thanks for pointing
this out.

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