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Re: building Octave-3.4.2 on RedHat-5, the problem

From: Terry Duell
Subject: Re: building Octave-3.4.2 on RedHat-5, the problem
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2011 11:07:44 +1000
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On Sun, 24 Jul 2011 09:14:13 +1000, Terry Duell <address@hidden> wrote:

It's actually easier than you think.

It may not be!
I thought I would try to build 3.4.2 for Fedora 15, and then perhaps try to build for RHEL as a test, and did a bit of checking on necessary mods to the Fedora 3.4.0 .spec file (patches no longer needed) and dependencies, and I came across this...


It seems that it won't built on Centos 5.6, but will build on Centos 6.
So it looks like you may have to upgrade your systems, or maybe build and run 3.4.2 in virtual machines running Centos 6.

Terry Duell

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