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Re: building Octave-3.4.2 on RedHat-5, the problem

From: Terry Duell
Subject: Re: building Octave-3.4.2 on RedHat-5, the problem
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 09:39:43 +1000
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On Sat, 23 Jul 2011 07:27:55 +1000, Ахриев Альберт <address@hidden> wrote:


I have managed to compile several instances of Octave-3.4.2 on Fedora 14 and 15, 64 bit. They work perfectly, however I need RedHat-5 installation to work on remote machines.
On the latest Ubuntu 64 bit I also got a problem with dependencies.

if you have been able to build OK on Fedora 15, I would expect that you could build a RHEL package using mock. If you are unfamiliar with building in mock, you will need to install both the rpmbuild and mock tools.

yum groupinstall 'Development Tools"
yum install rpmdevtools

Using a normal user account create a build tree, by default this ~/rpmbuild;


You need to install mock as root and add yourself to the 'mock' group;

yum install mock
usermod -a -G mock yourusername

If you have .spec file then you can create a source rpm (if you don't have one);

rpmbuild -bs ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/yourspecfile

then you can build rpms from this src.rpm with mock;

mock -r epel-5-i386 rebuild ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS/yoursrcrpm  or
mock -r epel-5-x86_64 rebuild ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS/yoursrcrpm

The first time you run mock for an architecture it will take a very long time while it downloads and assembles a 'virtual' machine, but subsequent builds for that architecture will be quick.

That should give you a bit of a 'leg-up', but I would advise doing a bit of additional homework to be sure you are building for right release...I have made a guess with epel-5.

Terry Duell

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