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RE: Undisired header

From: William Krekeler
Subject: RE: Undisired header
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 14:25:38 +0000

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Subject: Undisired header


I am working with datas I want to save in a file then use them in an other
octave file.

The thing is the name of my file depends of a variable, so I use it this way

fileName = sprintf('real_profile_NACA65_%d',k);
  save(fileName, 'real_profile_NACA65') 

because of that I can't do the " save -ascii ..." stuff.

The problem is : I get a 5 lines-header in my file, and I really don't need

Do you have a solution to avoid getting this header??

If not, do you know how I can load the data without loading the header?

Thanks a lot

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Why can't you use options? I copied and pasted the following from 'help save'

        If save is invoked using the functional form

        save ("-option1", ..., "file", "v1", ...)

        then the OPTIONS, FILE, and variable name arguments (V1, ...) must
        be specified as character strings.

Therefore the following test code works:

        > test = rand(1,10);
        > save('-ascii', 'file.txt', 'test' );

Also, to read without the headers either use a custom while loop until end of 
file and dump the first few lines based upon regular expression matching, or 
use dlmread with the row column defined to only read 6:end rows.


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