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Source for GUI Octave?

From: Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso
Subject: Source for GUI Octave?
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 10:52:17 -0500

Hello, Joaquim. Note that I'm CC'ing the general Octave help mailing
list who would be interested to hear abou tthis.

We haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you're well, you seem
quite busy making GUI Octave releases. You might be interested to know
that we're working on a native GUI for Octave to be distributed along
with Octave, and we really need Windows help. We're using Qt, and have
recently started using Scintilla too, which I believe you also use.
What GUI toolkit are you using? Would you be interested in helping us?

As you can see from the discussion forwarded below, people are really
taking notice in GUI Octave. It happens to be the first Google hit for
that search term, and I see that there is a lot of activity in your
forum for it. Congratulations, you are doing a good job of promoting
Octave. Thank you for that.

I am writing knowing if you've made any progress in releasing the
source for it. We could probably use it to learn a thing or two for
our own native GUI in development regarding Windows compilation. I
notice that you use a permissive modified BSD-like license to
distribute GUI Octave, which allows modification, but how do you
expect people to modify GUI Octave without its source? I'm hoping you
can correct this minor oversight soon.

- Jordi G. H.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Uwe Brauer <address@hidden>
Date: 19 July 2011 09:12
Subject: Re: Testing binaries of octave for windows (MinGW32) is updated
To: address@hidden
Cc: address@hidden

>> Regarding Testing binaries of octave for windows (MinGW32) is
>> updated; Tatsuro MATSUOKA <address@hidden> adds:

  > Hello
  > I have updated the testing binaries of octave for windows (MinGW32).

Thanks very much for this.

I tried to install and use it and run into a couple of difficulties.

   -  is it too much to ask to add an installer like the
      official octave ships?

   -  I am asking this not merely because of convenience
      but because I am not sure that I installed it
      properly. I just unzippened and tried to use the
      binary found in the bin directory.

   -  I wanted to use your octave version with some GUI
      fontend (at the end I have use octave for a course,
      and the students would appreciate very much a GUI fontend)

   -  I found 2, namely qtoctave (which is also available
      for Linux)

   -  and GUI Octave

While I can both GUI connect to octave3.2.4 by setting the
path in their corresponding configuration, I can't do the
same for you version. I will write the GUI authors but I
would like to know, is there anything I oversaw in the

Thanks and regards

Uwe Brauer

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