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Re: precompiled 3.4 for Debian/Ubuntu: was Re: still problems, version?

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: precompiled 3.4 for Debian/Ubuntu: was Re: still problems, version?
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 14:10:57 +0200
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   > 2011/7/18 Uwe Brauer <address@hidden>:

   > Yes, thanks. I know how to compile on Debian. We may need to update
   > Octave's build-deps because I think the fltk stuff has changed since
   > 3.2 when we last packaged this, but except for that "apt-get build-dep
   > octave3.2" in Ubuntu will get you those dependencies, and '"aptitude
   > build-dep octave3.2" is preferrable on Debian.

Ah, right "apt-get build-dep  octave3.2" was the command I
was looking for. Thanks!

Now I usually generate deb by

 sudo auto-apt run ./configure
 sudo make
 sudo checkinstall

But I am not sure whether this is the best way of generating
a deb pkg, well I am almost sure that the dependencies are
not built correctly in the sense that if somebody wants to
install my deb on his machine dpkg would *not* download the
necessary pkg. [1]

However I just run 
 sudo auto-apt run ./configure
 sudo make

And started octave with 
and it seems to run smoothly including  the fltk stuff!

   > Note that unlike Debian, Ubuntu has no dedicated team looking at the
   > Octave packages, so it's gathering some bit rot, and we have had
   > problems with Ubuntu recompiling Octave Debian packages with errors.
   > If Ubuntu matters a lot to you, you might want to help them to make
   > sure their Octave packages are in good shape.

Hm to be completely honest: I'd love to replace matlab by octave,
but for this certain commands have to work, otherwise I cannot
use it for my courses. 

As far as the Ubuntu packages are concerned, well I consider the
Debian DEB system much superior to RPM, that is why I switched to
Debian some years ago (and to Ubuntu since their control center
was so much better, I have not checked Debian lately, their
upgrades are more frequently but yes some of their packages are
not really maintained.)  

Now what I dislike is, among other things, the extreme
modularisation debian is so much fond off. I don't see why octave
could not be packed in one single deb! Besides they are a little
picky by letting people become maintainers. So I don't know what
to tell you.

   > - Jordi G. H.


[1] I know the correct way would be to put the deb on a web
server. The user should add the server to his source.list file
run apt-get update and then install octave3.4.  But also in this
szenario I presume my generated deb file does not resolve
correctly the dependencies.

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