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Re: regarding saving figure

From: pathematica
Subject: Re: regarding saving figure
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 14:58:15 -0700 (PDT)

I have been using the command in the form "print" then "-d" (as noted,
standing for "device") followed by the file type, then the filename with a
suitable filetype. For example, to print a pdf file with name "figure.pdf",
that would be

print -dpdf figure.pdf

If you need a different format, change the filetype after the "-d" and at
the end of the filename. You can produce at least the following types

print -dpng figure.png      (portable network graphics)
print -dsvg figure.svg       (scalable vector graphics)
print -djpg figure.jpg        (err ... joint something group I think)
print -dps          (postscript)
print -deps figure.eps       (encapsulated postscript - as noted,
print -depsc figure.epsc     (encapsulated postscript, colour)
print -deps figure.eps2       (encapsulated postscript2, monochrome)
print -depsc figure.eps2c     (encapsulated postscript2, colour)

If you have not set a particular folder to print to, you might have to
search for it! You can specify the whole path if you want to avoid that. 

eg for a png on the desktop of "user"

print -dpng /home/user/Desktop/figure.png

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