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RE: addpath, undefined functions

From: Summers, Peter
Subject: RE: addpath, undefined functions
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 13:23:27 +0000

Thanks again, Philip. More answers below...

>(please do "reply all" so others can follow. address@hidden
>added to To:)

sorry, I thought I was replying to the list.

>(Is the ampersand position a typo? especially given the output of your
>path() command, where it says:
>Octave's search path contains the following directories:
>C:\users\Bob & Alice\Documents\octave

yes, there was a typo in my response. I had it right in the 'addpath' command.

>Is function coher in a file called coher.m ?


>Nevertheless, as internal test() isn't "shadowed" we can conclude your
>test.m isn't seen.

It works if I call it from the local directory.

>Wat if you do (in Octave):
>  cd ('C:\users\Bob & Alice\Documents\octave')
>  dir

>Does coher.m show up?

yes -- that's one of the things that's so weird (and maddening!) about this 
problem. the functions are clearly there and the path includes their directory, 
but octave doesn't see them.

>Yes, this helps to clarify.
>But unfortunately I have run out of ideas; I don't have win7, only XP.
>All I can say is that usually these type of seemingly enigmatic errors
>are caused by simple glitches of the typo/forgot-to-copy/etc. variety.

that's always a possibility, but I'm pretty sure it's not the case here. I've 
tried this multiple times using the same steps I'd use in matlab. BTW, I've 
also made sure that I have read/write access to the relevant directories. There 
may be some deeper administrator-privilege issue that I'm not aware of though...


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