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Re: addpath, undefined functions

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: Re: addpath, undefined functions
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 11:44:49 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Peter,

To be able to help you we need relevant info:

Summers, Peter wrote:
> I've just installed Octave 3.2.4 on a Windows 7 machine, and tried to run
> a couple matlab function files. I placed these in a \programs folder in
> the Octave directory, then pointed to them using addpath(). 

1. What is the exact path to the Octave install directory? Does it contain
spaces (e.g.,
"C:\Program Files\Octave" ?)

2. Exactly what did the addpath() command look like?
(asking because we don't know if you've entered the path relative to the
Octave install directory or as a complete Windows path with backslashes -
the latter should be OK)

> Although the directory shows up when I list Octave's path, I get an error
> when trying to call the functions. For example, the line "h =
> coher(x,y,8)" generates the error "'coher' undefined on line 8" 

So what does the path() output look like?

We can't see if there's any glitch you might be overlooking but we can spot.
Nor do we know what coher.m looks like.

> ('coher' is one of the function files). Further, I get the same error even
> when running Octave in the \programs folder. Octave seems to be running
> fine otherwise -- eg, I can plot the series x &  y no problem. The file
> opens fine in notepad++ as well.
> There was a similar thread last month that referred to this bug:
> My problem is different in that I'm
> not trying to access any network drives -- everything is local.

I've never attempted to install user scripts within the Octave installation
directory, I usually put them outside, somewhere in my local Windows profile
or on another partition in project directories.
Only exception are packages (octave-forge packages).

For a start, you can try to put a simple function file test.m at the same
location and see if it gets picked up:

#======= cut here =========
ret = function test (a, b)
ret = a + b;
#======= cut here =========

and calling it by c = test (a, b)

If this doesn't work, put your ML files + test.m outside Octave, and try

If that still doesn't work, report back.


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