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Re: Automatic PDF manuals from Texinfo strings?

From: Moreno Marzolla
Subject: Re: Automatic PDF manuals from Texinfo strings?
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2011 10:52:30 +0200
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Lukas Reichlin wrote:
Dear Octave community

I would like to generate a PDF manual for my control package.  Is it possible 
to run a script upon package installation that extracts all texinfo strings 
from functions listed in INDEX and that creates a PDF manual?  I'm looking for 
something that works similar to the generate_html package that creates PDF 
instead of HTML output.


I faced the same problem some time ago with an Octave package I developed. What I did was to mimick what Octave itself does for generating its TexInfo manual; this basically involves a couple of scripts and a C++ program (taken almost verbatim from Octave). See here:

I understand that a "cleaner" solution involving a single Octave script which does everything would be desirable, but at the moment that works for me. I generate the html and PDF documentation offline by issuing "make", and then I use "make dist" to pack everything into the distribution tarball which can be installed with "pkg install XXX".

Hope that helps,


Moreno Marzolla
Email: address@hidden

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