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regarding leasqr

From: preeti gaikwad
Subject: regarding leasqr
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2011 14:48:09 +0200

Hello all,

              I am the new user in fitting please help me to solve my query. I am using leasqr to estimate parameters from the experimental data.

my fuction is


where D is


I would like to calculate

A = p(6);% constant value





 Using the leasqr

[f, p] = leasqr(t, y, pin,'conv_fnc', tolerance, max_iterations, weights, dp, dFdp, options);

unfortunately i am getting value whatever is my pin

like my pin is

pin = [0.5 25 0.000000005 1 7 1000 0]

and for all value of x I have straight line like but my experimental data is exponential decreasing function.

and the defined fuction is s also exponential decay function. My quest is why leasqr is not giving the new calculated value from the fun s???? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP in advance.

regards P

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