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Re: "printing" graphics files through aquaterm on an Apple

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: "printing" graphics files through aquaterm on an Apple
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 20:55:38 -0400

On Jul 1, 2011, at 5:17 PM, Obed Sands wrote:

> I use Octave for a lot of data analysis, statistical analysis of data etc. I 
> frequently make graphics files using Octave. Lots of them. Bar charts, line 
> graphs, pseudo color (viz specgram) etc. Octave's graphics come out on the 
> Apple looking great through auquaterm. 
> However, I've been frustrated for some time now with the creation of graphics 
> files as provided by ghostscript using the "print" command in Octave.  If I 
> use a format such as pdf or svg the files can be enormous, if I use jpg then 
> the characters are tiny and I can't rescale them--or if I manage to rescale 
> them then the characters end up running into the graphics or the axis label. 
> Inserting them in documents is always a challenge. The graphics usually come 
> out jaggy or washed out. I've tried all different combinations of -dpdf, 
> -djpg, -deps -FTimes-Roman, etc. I usually get a message that indicates that 
> they font I'm trying to use is no good.
> But if I simply use the "save as" feature of aquaterm then all is well. The 
> graphics file that aquaterm makes look as great coming out of the files 
> they're stored in as as they do when first rendered on the screen. pdfs, 
> jpegs, whatever, they all seem to do well. I can insert them in files, print 
> them out, rotate and, generally, abuse them and they always do fine. The 
> problem is that I make so many graphics that I'm wearing out mice (and my 
> patience) generating the graphics files one at a time with aquaterm. The 
> clik-o-rama that I have to do is error prone and frutstrating. 
> So here's my question(s): 
> 1) Is there some way, in octave to "print" so that aquaterm renders the 
> graphics files (instead of GS)? 
> 2) If no, then is there any plan to 'fix' the rendering of graphics by GS or 
> to get it so that it works and plays better with the Apple? The version of GS 
> that I've got is 9.02 (dated 2011-03-30) and so I don't think that my problem 
> is that I've got an outdated GS.
> 3) Is there any other hope for me? While I would, personally, prefer it, 
> going to linux is just not an option for me. 
> Regards,
> oss

The output using print has under gone many recent changes. Please tell us which 
version of Octave you are using. It would also be helpful is you can provide a 
simple script which demonstrates your problem.


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