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Re: plot problem with 3.2.3 on Windows

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: plot problem with 3.2.3 on Windows
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 02:24:43 -0500

On 10-Dec-2009, Benjamin Lindner wrote:

| > A student of mine working with Octave 3.2.3 on Windows (that's all i know)
| > reported to me that he wasn't able to plot, and if he tried 'help plot' he
| > got the following error message:
| > 
| > octave-3.2.3.exe:2:C:\Octave\3.2.3_gcc-4.4.0\bin
| > > > help plot
| > error: invalid use of script in index expression

This kind of error usually means that you have a script .m file in the
path that is being used instead of a function or variable somehow.
Since a script can't produce a value, it can't be used as an index to
another variable or an argument in a function call.

| > error:   C:\Octave\3.2.3_gcc-4.4.0\share\octave\3.2.3\m\strings\strsplit.m
| > at li
| > ne 49, column 13

Looking at this line, it's not obvious to me how this error could


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