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Re: glob library, octave compilation on mingw

From: Naveen Garg
Subject: Re: glob library, octave compilation on mingw
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 17:43:50 -0600

IMO, Its much easier to have the installer optionally perform then it is to build all the dependencies, which is really just a big waste of time if you are an end user / developer and just want to change a few things in the octave source.

Is it really now?
Building octave from source requires you to go through the whole build
process at least once even if you change only a single line of code.
If you view this as a waste of time then I don't really understand
your point.

I have no problem building octave from source.  Its building the other dependencies such as blas that I wanted to skip.  Which is possible as you pointed out, and I have done, so I have no outstanding issues. 
Thanks for maintaining the windows port of octave.

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