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Re: glob library, octave compilation on mingw

From: Naveen Garg
Subject: Re: glob library, octave compilation on mingw
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 22:12:07 -0500

Thanks Tatsuro,
I have gotten octave to build with the prebuilt dependencies shipped in the installer Octave-3.2.2_i686-pc-mingw32_gcc-4.3.0_setup
It seems to work.  mkoctfile works also.  :)
Here is what I did: (based on the instructions by Benjamin Lindner)
on windows xp,sp2

1. run the octave installer -> c:\octave\3.2.2_gcc-4.3.0

2. using tortoise svn: 
c:\> svn co octbuild

3. install msys using and
c:\octbuild\msys> wget -N -i msys-url.txt
c:\octbuild> install-msys-1.0.11.cmd
to c:\msys\1.0.11

4. modify c:\msys\1.0.11\etc\fstab
c:/Octave/3.2.2_gcc-4.3.0/mingw32                                      /mingw

5. copy everything in  c:\octave\3.2.2_gcc-4.3.0 to C:\msys\1.0.11\local\octave-mingw32_gcc-4.3.0-dw2

6. in msys 
/c/octbuild/octave> ./ download unpack applypatch mkdirs conf build install
wait a few hours on netbook
copy everything in C:/msys/1.0.11/local/octave-mingw32_gcc-4.3.0-dw2/octave/3.2.2-3 to C:/msys/1.0.11/local/octave-mingw32_gcc-4.3.0-dw2

7.  modify c:\msys\1.0.11\etc\fstab
C:/msys/1.0.11/local/octave-mingw32_gcc-4.3.0-dw2/mingw32          /mingw     

8. modify c:\msys\1.0.11\etc\profile
export PATH=C:\msys\1.0.11\local\octave-mingw32_gcc-4.3.0-dw2\bin:$PATH

9. try octave and mkoctfile
c:\> C:\msys\1.0.11\msys.bat --norxvt
/home/test> mkoctfile
/home/test> octave 

The above worked on XP , but did not work on vista.  Got a configure error saying the compiler generated a.exe doesn't work... missing some dll
I worked around it by running install-mingw32-4.3.0-2-dw2.cmd, although that also required some utilities that come in install-mingw32-4.4.0.cmd.... then i did the same as above, but the compile was taking forever so I got impatient and stopped it... 

the following do not work: 
/c/octbuild/octave>   ./ check
/c/octbuild/octave>   ./ run

I am not sure that all the copying i did was necessary, can probably just copy the libs and includes...


2009/12/6 Tatsuro MATSUOKA <address@hidden>,  octave build tool kit under the MinGW
ReadmeBriefOctBuildMingw.html, Brief explanation for the octave build tool kit under the MinGW
--- Naveen Garg  wrote:
> How about shipping the intermediate install for a binary distribution
> (developer version)?
> IMO, Its much easier to have the installer optionally perform
> then it is to build all the dependencies, which is
> really just a big waste of time if you are an end user / developer and just
> want to change a few things in the octave source.

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