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Re: path: octave 3.0.0 can't find itself

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: path: octave 3.0.0 can't find itself
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 16:57:28 +0800

On Dec 28, 2007, at 2:10 PM, Dushan Mitrovich wrote:

Dushan Mitrovich <address@hidden> wrote:
"John W. Eaton" <address@hidden> wrote:
On 27-Dec-2007, Ben Abbott wrote:

| The solution that worked for me was to delete the .octaverc file
| altogether. I doubt this is a desirable solution for all cases, but
| if you don't have any information that is local to your setup, I'd
| recommend deleting the .octaverc file.

Why is there any version-specific path info in your ~/.octaverc file?
Did you add it by hand?  If so, why?

That's puzzled me too.  I don't know the answer, but here's my best
guess: When muddling thru my initial setup of Octave on my still-un-
familiar OSX, I had done some un-necessary steps that tripped me up
on this occasion.  What that means is that I have still got unneeded
references (to 3.0.0) in .octaverc that do no harm now but are poised
to trip me on the next go-around.  I'll try deleting all these refe-
rences in the file and see what happens.  And I'll also try deleting
the file altogether, starting Octave, then re-specifying the location
of my personal Octave files.

I now tried both these approaches, and determined that the version-
specific references seem to be necessary:

# After deleting the .octaverc file, Octave runs but doesn't know where
my personal files are.

# If I retain the .octaverc file but shorn of all version-specific refe-
rences, Octave runs and knows where my personal files are, but can't
find its own files, e.g. 'repmat'.  As Ben pointed out, the .dmg file
I downloaded from has the following version-specific direc-
tory organization in OSX:


(There are a lot more directories in, but they are not
version-specific.)  The Octave .m files are in the /m directory under
the last listed path above, which is included in the .octaverc file.
But the first three paths are not included, making me wonder what, if
anything, is missing when I use Octave.

hmmm, so the insertion of the version is the path is related to Mac OSX, and is not limited to Fink.

Any thoughts on how to fix that?


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