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Re: path: octave 3.0.0 can't find itself

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: path: octave 3.0.0 can't find itself
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 17:54:24 -0500

On Dec 26, 2007, at 3:26 PM, Dushan Mitrovich wrote:

I've been using Octave 2.9.15 on a Mac (Intel) under X.4.11. When Octave 3.0.0 became available a few days ago I decided to update my installation
to it.

Not wanting to dump the old older app, residing in /Applications, until I had a chance to test the new one, I renamed the old one, then dragged the new from the .dmg file to the / Applications folder. I expected to have to tell the new one the path to search for my
personal script files and functions.

Instead, when I open the new it announces

warning: addpath: /Applications/ share/...

where as in Octave '...' denotes continuation, and '<filename>' refers to
different files.  To the command 'path' the respond is

/Applications/ startup

So from somewhere it got correct information about the path to my personal
files (the first reference), but wrong information about other paths.

I looked everywhere on my system for some file that refers to '2.9.15' and found exactly 5 files, 4 of them in ~/Trash, with that reference. In each case it was in a comment line. Where in the world is Octave getting all this information, much of it wrong? First I'd like to understand this, and
second I want to correct it.

Do you see the file ".octaverc" in your home folder when you type "ls - ah" in a terminal window?

If so, that is likely where the problem lies. You can verify by "cat .octaverc" to see the contents of the path defined in that file.

I've not tried to set up different versions of Octave on my Mac, so I'm not much help there.


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