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Re: K-sample Anderson-Darling test

From: Eric Chassande-Mottin
Subject: Re: K-sample Anderson-Darling test
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 14:28:49 +0100

> Maybe these should be added to Octave-Forge in the statistics toolbox.
> How do they compare to the similar functions on mathworks file exchange?

the code might have to be adapted to the standards of the statistic
toolbox (the present code doesn't produce a p-value). I just had a
look to the function in the mathworks file exchange. my implementation
is different (I used the method of kolmogorov_smirnov_test.m to get
the distribution function of the pooled set whereas they use hist.m)
however both functions should give the same result.
their input data structure is kind of complicated. cell array of
vectors is the natural choice. I see that they implemented the
discrete case (with ties).
i hope I answer your question.


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