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fdisp function

From: pmgagey
Subject: fdisp function
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 11:58:48 +0100

Is anybody in the list who can explain this unexpected error message using fdisp function:

octave-2.9.16:1> fid = fopen ("Gagey", "w");
octave-2.9.16:2> fdisp (fid, "Sasaki's rythm is");
error: fdisp: invalid stream number = -1

MacG5 PPC; OS 10.4.11; Octave 2.9.16

Thanks in advance

Dr Pierre-Marie GAGEY
Fondateur de l'Association Française de Posturologie
2, rue de l'avenir 94240 L'HAY-LES-ROSES France
Tél. 01 74 71 55 85
E.mail address@hidden

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