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Re: line function

From: Ben Abbott
Subject: Re: line function
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 23:03:18 -0500


By "stable" and "unstable" are you referring to Fink's Octave packages (on Mac OSX)?

For Fink the stable package is 2.1.71, and the unstable is 2.9.14.

If so, how did you install *both* the stable and unstable versions. My understanding is that you can only install one.


On Nov 24, 2007, at 3:28 PM, milan wrote:


I'm using Octave as a replacement of Matlab. I draw the frequency
characteristics of filters and therefore I need the line function, but
experience issues using it. Here's the error I get when execute line ():

"octave:1> line(x8,y8);
error: `line' undefined near line 1 column 1"

I have both the stable and unstable versions, and the result is the
same. As long as it is a built-in function, I cannot find the code for
it and declare it myself. Please, help me finish my homework :)

Best regards,

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