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Re: display message

From: Carlos Medrano
Subject: Re: display message
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 20:35:58 +0100
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Try  the command 


 or the command 

more on. 

For more information do help

help page_output_immediately

help more

I assume you are running a 2.9.xx version.


On Thursday 22 November 2007 13:15, John Jones wrote:
> I'm running a long code and I would like octave to display some comments
> when different stages of the code are complete. I've been using
> disp('text.....')
> in matlab and this works fine. In octave it doesn't display the messages as
> the code is running but rather all together when it finishes. Not much use
> if the code takes  several days!
> Any ideas?

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