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Re: Alignment of subplots?

From: Henry F. Mollet
Subject: Re: Alignment of subplots?
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 18:43:22 -0800
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on 11/20/07 12:16 AM, Matthias Brennwald at address@hidden

> Dear all
> If I plot two (or more) figures below each other using subplot, the
> plots may end up un-aligned at the left (such as in the example below).
> I use Octave 2.9.16 and Gnuplot. Is there a way to align the plots?
> Code example:
> x=[1:10];
> y1 = rand(size(x));
> y2 = 1e10*y1;
> subplot(2,1,1);
> plot(x,y1);
> subplot(2,1,2);
> plot(x,y2);

In earlier versions of octave (<= 2.1.73) one would have "doctored" this
problem with gset origin (and gset size) for each subplot in a multiplot to
provide extra space for the y-labels in the second subplot which "pushes"
the second subplot to the right and thus causes the mis-alignment problem on
the left. I have no idea how to solve the problem in the current Octave

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