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Re: Troubleshooting

From: Michael Grossbach
Subject: Re: Troubleshooting
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 12:36:23 +0100
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asha g wrote:
I don't particularly want to send a very long script
file to the entire list. I am just wondering if there
could be any reason why this could happen.
Incidentally it was working ( ie running and giving me
errors) but now it simply does not run. If anyone on the list would like to take a look at the script file, I can send it to them. I would appreciate some hints.
Incidentally, I have now been using Octave for abt a
year and a half. I think it would be useful for
nonpros like myself to have all the basics in one
place - a manual ( online ) which one could refer to
from time to time. I have seen a manual but that seems
pretty old and octave does change very rapidly.
Asha --- David Bateman <address@hidden> wrote:

asha g wrote:
Please tell me what sort of info you need. I could
email the file to you-
The script file, but on list as I don't know if I
have the desire to
debug your code for you, and you might find someone
else to do it instead.


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HTH, Michael

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