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Re: Same oct-file for different octave binaries?

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Same oct-file for different octave binaries?
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 12:49:21 +0100
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G.. wrote:
> I'm sure this is a FAQ, but I couldn't find anything appropriate:
> Each time I update octave (say from 2.9.16 to 2.9.17) it seems that all
> oct-files have to be updated, too (e.g., all packages must be recompiled).
> Why can't this be avoided?
> G.
Because as Octave doesn't have a standard API that is exported, the user
can be expected to use all of the Octave headers in there oct-files.
Therefore, if there is any change in any of the Octave headers and the
old oct-files are used, there might be mis-alignments in the data
structure in the oct-file and those expected in Octave itself, which can
produce some rather strange results.

We need to define a minimum API and only prevent reuse of oct-files if
that changes.. This is a big job


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