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Re: Plot Matrix in Octave

From: Muthiah Annamalai
Subject: Re: Plot Matrix in Octave
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 02:48:50 -0600
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Przemek Klosowski wrote:
   I have to visualize the path of the longest common substring in a matrix.
   But I don't get it to draw, plot or whatever the matrix containing values.
   And the path is also a big problem.

   It should look like this picture:
Your requirement is for a pretty specific graphics-related job---
Octave is a computational environment, not a graphical environment. I
haven't seen an Octave graphing package that does what you asked
for. If I had to do it, I'd write Octave code to emit instructions for
a separate graphing program such as xfig:

and then ran that program to render the graph.

However, that only makes sense if you need Octave to calculate the
numbers, and the output part is incidental. Otherwise, you'd cut out
the middleman and print xfig commands directly from whereever you are getting your numbers from.

This is possible with the new release of gd-octave-0.6.
See, .
Except for bad choice of colors, its almost what you wanted.
However, downside is you need to work with your co-ordinates
and so on..


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