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Re: showing progress of a for loop in a function

From: Joshua Rigler
Subject: Re: showing progress of a for loop in a function
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 17:05:09 -0700
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Woohoo!  The one question I have an answer for:

Turn off pagination ("more off"), or force Octave to display all output immediately ("page_output_immediately(1)"). You might also try placing "fflush(stdout)" after "disp(j)" in your code, but that's probably more trouble than it's worth. Keep in mind, only the first solution works in the other leading product, if compatibility is an issue.

Also, this question has been answered quite often on the list. You should check out the search engine at:


novakyu wrote:

I have a function that executes a fairly time-consuming for loop, and
I would like to track progress of the loop, so that I know whether to
interrupt the function call or not

I tried "disp(j)" and "fdisp(j)" (where j is the index I'm looping
over), but it looks like octave does not print the output until the
whole function finishes.

Is there any other way to track how many loops it's gone through?



P.S. The function looks something like:
function [y1 y2] = NSolve(f, t, y1_0, y2_0)

y1 = zeros(size(t));
y2 = zeros(size(t));

y1(1) = y1_0;
y2(1) = y2_0;

for j = linspace(1,length(t)-1,length(t)-1)
  y1(j + 1) = y1(j) + (t(j + 1) - t(j))*f(t)*y2(j)
  y2(j + 1) = y2(j) + (t(j + 1) - t(j))*f(t)*y1(j)

And for precision issues, I need something around a million iterations
of the for loop.
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