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Re: GUI frontend for Octave

From: Kamaraju Kusumanchi
Subject: Re: GUI frontend for Octave
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 05:46:14 +0000 (UTC)
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> If you really want to see something happen, why not ask your
> organization you work for to pay and support the development of a
> Octave-GUI ?

Wow! Hold on there a minute. Thinking from a manager's point of view, 
what competitive advantage does it give to the company to develop a 
octave GUI when a perfectly useful command line alternative is available?

Another thing that comes to my mind is this. There is a package called 
texmacs which provides a GUI for octave 2.1. However it does not work 
with octave 2.9. Upon searching further, I found out http:// where it says

> A first experimental interface between TeXmacs and GNU Octave 
> has been written by Michael Graffam. Unfortunately, we get little
> help from the main Octave  developers for the improvement of the
> interface and the integration of patches into the mainline of Octave.
> So, if you like the idea of using Octave from inside TeXmacs, then
> please help advertising it.

Based on this, If I am the manager I wouldn't put money into making a GUI 
unless the project is approved by the lead developers of octave. AFAIK, 
money is not the issue here. It is how much the lead developers of octave 
want to have a GUI...

You can say it is GPL, you can write your own code etc., I understand all 
that. If I desperately want a GUI, I probably will do that. But I have a 
feeling that money is not the stumbling block here.

raju (with his flame suite on)

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