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interfacing octave with tcsh

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: interfacing octave with tcsh
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 19:38:43 -0500

On  9-Nov-2007, Dr. Aaron Herrnstein wrote:

| I am experiencing difficulties when using an octave script to define a shell
| variable via command line substitution (ie, the backquote character) in the
| tcsh and csh shells.  The following example works properly in CentOS, but
| triggers the errors listed below in Fedora and Cygwin.  I would appreciate
| any suggestions you can offer.
| % cat > ./octprint.m << EOF
| #!/usr/bin/octave -q
| fprintf('%d', 5)
| %
| % chmod u+x ./octprint.m
| %
| % @ atvar = `./octprint.m`
| @: Expression Syntax.
| %
| % set setvar = `./octprint.m`
| % echo $setvar
| echo: No match.

So precisely what is Octave printing when you run this script?  Have
you tried

  ./octprint.m | od -c


  set setvar = `./octprint.m`
  echo "$setvar"


  set nonomatch
  set setvar = `./octprint.m`
  echo $setvar


Are you using the same version of Octave in each case?

Anyway, this seems more like a shell scripting question than a
question about Octave.


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