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Octave on intel mac

From: cyber . gilles
Subject: Octave on intel mac
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 05:38:15 -0800

Dear Support,

 I have been excited to see that a DMG version of Octave was released ! I used 
to install it "the hard way" and it really made me mad sometimes as it would 
not install properly. So I stopped using Octave.. until I was given an 
assignment on Matlab yesterday. So, as i don't want to install the huge Matlab 
application.. I checked for Octave, and surprisingly enough, you (I believe) 
created a DMG !

So I downloaded it, copied the to my Applications folder.. and 
launched it ! It launched the terminal, I got the command prompt 
"octave-2.9.16:1>"  and I typed "sombrero(25)" to see if it worked!

And unfortunately.. it's only displaying error messages. I wonder if you could 
tell me how to fix this? Should I download some "packages" ? I thought the DMG 
was sufficient.

(screenshot of the error message available here : )

My system is mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, on a macbookpro 2.16Ghz Intel (i downloaded 
the i386.dmg version).
I sent the dmg to friends on an intel Macbook (Tiger) and an intel iMac and 
they are all experiencing the same problems.

I also ran some other commands from a .m file I had written last year in 
octave.. and it didn't work either.

 I hope you can contact me asap, I really liked Octave, and i have to do the 
assingment really soon :-)

You can contact me by MSN at address@hidden or by email at address@hidden

I am looking forward to hearing from you,


Gilles Lemagnen, all the way from China

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