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efficient way to process array of vectors?

From: DushanM
Subject: efficient way to process array of vectors?
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 10:09:43 -0600
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I'm still learning Octave, so this question may be pretty basic, but
so far I haven't figured the answer.

I'd like to find an efficient way in Ocatve to carry out the same
set of vector operations for every vector element of a cell array.
If (j,k) are indices and A,B are 3-vectors, an obvious way is to use

  for j=1:jmax
    for k=1:kmax
      determine A = [Ax(j,k); Ay(j,k); Az(j,k)]
      determine B = [Bx(j,k); By(j,k); Bz(j,k)]
      compute vector C from A and B

Is it possible to use cell arrays with indices (j,k) and vectors A,B
as cell elements, so that

  carrayA{j,k} = A
  carrayB{j,k} = B

where A and B are determined anew for each (j,k)?  In other words,
could I perform vector operations on A and B, and have Octave auto-
matically (and efficiently) do the loops over j and k?

I could define a 3-D array  carrA(j,k,1:3)  with the last index re-
fering to the three vector components, but then how do I treat those
three together as a vector?

- Dushan Mitrovich

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