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From: Thomas Treichl
Subject: 2.9.16 for MacOSX
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 20:12:52 +0100
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I just uploaded the compressed disc images *dmg including 2.9.16 for
MacOSX to the Sourceforge's server. Please read the Readme.html file that comes
with the *.dmg about 'Installation', 'Limitations', 'FAQ', etc.

Some of the most recent changes in comparison to the last 2.9.15  

- the latest Octave 2.9.16 sources available have been used to build these Mac
  binaries. We now use the fort77 script to compile Fortran files for packages
  instead of f2c. fort77 is a wrapper that behaves like a Fortran compiler but
  calls f2c and gcc instead,

- a not-official 4.2.2 can be found in the Extra directory. Again,
  please read the Readme.html file about 'Installation', 'Limitations', 'FAQ',

- I reworked Readme.html of the *.dmg and especially added more answers in the
  'FAQ' section. If you have any comments or improvements to Readme.html then
  please let me know,

- the startup scripts for and have once again been
  modified slightly.

The md5 checksums of the *.dmg are
- MD5 (octave-2.9.16-ppc.dmg) = 9bc7b2363bb81f611d9e6c22ba09f08c
- MD5 (octave-2.9.16-i386.dmg) = 9b2e1a213e4fed79119d139066f3e2f5

That's it about the 2.9.16, however, this time I also need some feedback about the following topics please:

- Thanks to Tim who reported that from the last disc image was
  broken for the new MacOSX 10.5 Leopard. Together we were able to set up a
  new for MacOSX 10.5 i386. Does somebody run and on a MacOSX 10.5 PPC system and can give feedback if it does

- Please report if mkoctfile and fort77 are set up correctly by installing the
  following Octave-forge packages as a test:

  - signal (package contains *.m files and *.cc files)
  - odepkg (package contains *.m, *.c and *.f files)

  for the following systems:

  - 10.3.9 PPC
  - 10.4.10 PPC
  - 10.5 PPC
  - 10.5 i386

- Does somebody know if I can run XCode 3.0 with MacOSX 10.4.9? Which version of
  gcc is include in XCode 3.0? Does Apple ship a Fortran compiler with it's
  XCode 3.0 tools?

- Developers might also have a look at the Readme.html file, section 'Developer

Now it is time to say,' that's it from my side',


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