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Re: bar and hist

From: Evan
Subject: Re: bar and hist
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 18:54:31 +0800

On 11/1/07, kahacjde <address@hidden> wrote:
> In that case you can do:
> [n,x] = hist(randn(1000,1));
> bar(x,n,'FaceColor','magenta')
> or
> hist(randn(1000,1));
> p = findobj(gca,'Type','patch');
> set(p,'FaceColor','magenta');
> but in the 2nd example the properties of *all* patches of the current axes
> object are being changed. So, I would recommend the 1st method.
> Kai

I tried this, the problem is that bar doesn't plot bars side by side
as hist does, there is space between bars, I find no document on how
to suppress the space between bars.

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