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Re: open socket with listen() and still have command line available?

From: John Swensen
Subject: Re: open socket with listen() and still have command line available?
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 13:46:43 -0400
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David Bateman wrote:
Przemek Klosowski wrote:
   from reading several of your posts on the listen function it seems that you
   are kind of fixated on your TCL stuff. Because there are many more uses of
   octave besides embedding in TCL, your short answer could have been "you are
   right, listen is useless unless you want to have reduced octave

No, Paul's listen is very useful apart from TCL; I used it this way
myself. The point is that octave command loop is not set to accept
multiple input streams, and TCL always had this capability, so if you
want to be able to accept commands from a network socket and, say,
commandline at the same time, TCL gives the easiest way to implement
it. This was the original question, so Paul brougt up TCL. Best tool
for the job, and all that.
As I'm currently thinking about octave-forge packaging and a release, I
see that both the package sockets and miscellaneous (which contains
Paul's listen function) are marked as autoloaded by default.

As there is an overlap in functionality, this makes no sense as which
version of listen that will be used will be determined by the order
Octave saves the package description structure to a file. There is no
guarantee of any particular order for this.

I'd therefore propose that the sockets package is not marked as
autoloaded and then when a user wants this functionality they force
sockets to be loaded with "pkg load sockets".. This will ensure that


That is fine with me. Until I get the functions renamed to sock_* and implement a higher level set of functions, I see no reason why you shouldn't make it a manual-load package.

John Swensen

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