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Re: memory leak

From: Muthiah Annamalai
Subject: Re: memory leak
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 20:07:52 -0500

On 5/23/07, Michael Prinzinger <address@hidden> wrote:
Good Day!

I have a problem with Octave potentially causing memory leaks.
I use liboctave in a C++ project with matrices.
The problem occurs, when I try to read a matrix, which I have saved previously.

Please have a look on the following code:

FILE* eigenmatrix_file = fopen(filename, "w");
if(eigenmatrix_file == NULL)
     throw fileException("Error! in EigenMatrix::save(): can't open file!");

MArray2<Complex>* m_array = new MArray2<Complex>(this->row, this->column, *(new 
Complex(0.0, 0.0)));
fread(m_array, sizeof((*m_array)(0)), sizeof(m_array), eigenmatrix_file);

This code runs fine with small matrices, and I have no problems whatsoever.
However after I try it with "real" matrices coming from 80x80 images I want to 
work with (80x80 = 6400 values per image, that means 6400 x 6400=40960000 values or the 
I get a segmentation fault accessing "eigenmatrix_file" after I created m_array.
Fidling with the above code, I noticed that even a simple call like

(eigenmatrix_file == NULL);

causes a seg fault after the creation of m_array.

I tried decalring m_array at the very beginning, before I declare and 
initialize File* eigenmatrix_file, but even in this case, calling the resulting 
pointer with the statements above (so no dereferencing, just calling the 
pointer!) causes again a seg fault.

If I outcomment
// MArray2<Complex>* m_array = new MArray2<Complex>(this->row, this->column, 
*(new Complex(0.0, 0.0)));
I don't get this seg fault.

So I have come to the conclusion, that creating
a new MArray2<Complex>(this->row, this->column, *(new Complex(0.0, 0.0)));
where row and column are pretty large,
causes Octave to somehow destroy my C++ stack, at least my previously defined 
variables get lost.

Note that in general Octave has no problem with large matrices in my programm.
If the file "filename" does not exist the corresponding matrix is computed and 
saved without error, only after trying to load a matrix this large, this error occurs.

I hope you can help, I really need to solve this one, to be able to hand in my 
university project ;)
Thank You

Michael Prinzinger
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Help-octave mailing list

AFAIK you cannot use exception handling in Octave. If you searched
the mailing lists, JWE has explained many times that Octave was written
at a time C++ didnot support exceptions!

So the code in your file handler must be written to set error_state if required,
and should exit by a statement like:

return octave_value("cannot open file ");

instead of the throw.

I think this could fix the problem. Atleast prevent the segfaults.

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