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EPS from histograms

From: Bart Vandewoestyne
Subject: EPS from histograms
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 20:32:29 +0200
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Hello list,

I'm trying to plot some histograms to an EPS file using the
following commands:

gset terminal postscript eps
gset output "../latex/figures/histogram01.eps"
hist(x(:,2), 100, 1);
gset output "../latex/figures/histogram05.eps"
hist(x(:,6), 100, 1);
gset output "../latex/figures/histogram10.eps"
hist(x(:,11), 100, 1);
gset output "../latex/figures/histogram15.eps"
hist(x(:,16), 100, 1);
gset output "../latex/figures/histogram20.eps"
hist(x(:,21), 100, 1);

If i do it this way, the generated .eps files look OK if i view
them with gv under Linux, but when I include the .eps files
into a LaTeX document and when I view the generated .ps file of my LaTeX
document, the plot in histogram05.eps also contains the histogram
of histogram01.eps, and histogram10.eps also contains the histograms from
histogram05.eps and histogram01.eps.  It seems like all later histograms
are plotted on top of the previous ones... so i think i need a way to tell
octave to 'refresh' or 'clear' the current plotting terminal before plotting
a new histogram.  I have been googling but haven't found a solution...

What command am I missing here, or what am I doing wrong?

The version of Octave I'm using is 2.1.58.  I am not in a position to
upgrade to a newer version.


        "Share what you know.  Learn what you don't."

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