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Re: Imagesc problem and general new octave user question

From: Robert A. Macy
Subject: Re: Imagesc problem and general new octave user question
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 12:23:37 -0700

regarding Ques 1)

I run 2.1.50a on WinXP and octave imaging generates the
same response.  Note: When you close octave, that tmp
folder is emptied.  Move/Save before.

The images I get are in .bmp format, but after octave makes
them they appear instantly with IE6 viewer.  I just close
that application and go to the folder and right click on
the .bmp file and select open with PAINT.  Really get in
there, make notes, and modify.  Or, use the built in
Windows Picture and Fax Viewer [whatever that is] and then
walk through the series of pictures, like animation or
slide show using the right arrow button.  

Once in .bmp format, I don't use octave much for modifying
the image again.  Our other machines have Win98 running
with MS Office, which has a Kodak viewer that does great
general modifications - brightness, contrast, and gamma
adjustments which really enhance the viewing.  Also, use
that Kodak Viewer on dark .jpg images

Sorry to hear you have to use WinXP.  


On Fri, 18 May 2007 09:27:47 -0700 (PDT)
 sediment <address@hidden> wrote:
> i am a new octave user and have two questions - one
> practical, one looking
> for advice
> i installed the recommended octave 2.1.73 using the
> self-contained windows
> package (NOT using cygwin) available on octave's site. i
> am running windows
> XP.
> question 1) from matlab i would use the image and imagesc
> quite a bit. when
> i try to use the image or imagesc command in octave, the
> plots are generated
> in a web browser window (explorer in this case) and
> listed in a temporary
> octave folder (C:\Program Files\GNU Octave 2.1.73\tmp\).
> i see the image
> source code says that it tries to invoke imagemagick
> display. i have
> installed a version of this (maybe too new to be
> compatible?).
> what should i do?  (i am not too savvy with codes and
> compiling, etc).
> question 2) i would like to migrate entirely to octave
> and be done with
> matlab licenses for good, for me and my university
> students. as seems to be
> a common theme on these threads, i of course am
> interested in better
> graphics than GNU plot. i also need code to run
> reasonable efficiently.
> is there a (simple enough for me to understand - i'm a
> geologist!) way of
> installing ocplot for a windows machine running octave
> 2.1.73?
> also, i know there is a bleeding edge 2.9.10 octave. i
> know as a newbie i
> should stay away from such things, but i did download it
> from bateman's
> page. it seemed to run substantially faster on my windows
> machine, but
> octplot did not work at all (i could get it to recognize
> octplot from the
> 'octplot_toggle' command, but the when i tried to plot it
> would say 'cannot
> start process'). also, image gave me a problem here - it
> just wouldn't run,
> giving me an error from fopen with a 'warning: default is
> binary'. so i
> uninstalled it because i didn't know what it would do.
> in sum, as a new guy who wants to run code reasonably
> efficiently (i don't
> expect the exact same as matlab), and have some
> flexibility in plotting (say
> what octplot seems to be able to do, and other 3d add-ons
> like octaviz which
> i don't  know how to install on my windows machine), what
> exactly would you
> recommend to use, and how do i do it?
> thanks
> -doug

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