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Re: RS232/Serial Comms

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: RS232/Serial Comms
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 10:30:14 -0400

On 17-May-2007, muellerp11811 wrote:

| I wrote something in C++ that needs to be compiled with the National
| Instruments VISA library from
| It writes/reads to USB, GPIB, IEEE1394, TCPIP and other VISA servers.
| It runs on WinXP with Octave 2.9.9+ (compiled with MSVC2005; Setting up
| mkoctfile is not so nice on WinXP.)
| It should also run on Linux, OSX, Solaris. To be compiled with the gcc. But
| I do not know were to post it.
| As the stuff is source code only it should also be compliant to GPL.

Is the VISA library itself free software that is distributed under
terms that are compatible with the GPL?  If not, then I don't see how
the resulting work once it is all linked together can distributed, so
I don't see how this can be GPL compatible.


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