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Re: using interp1.m from Matlab in Octave?

From: Daniel Drucker
Subject: Re: using interp1.m from Matlab in Octave?
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 15:25:47 -0400

Firstly, why use interp1 from matlab. Octave has interp1.. Using interp1
from Mathworks certainly violates their license... Please don't use
mathwork copyright material in Octave, and if you do certainly don't say so on a public mailing list (unless you like "cease and desist" letters
for angry Mathwork's lawyers).

My apologies, you're right of course.

octave versions. These underlying functions don't give exactly the same
values but are self-consistent. Dump the matlab interp1.m function and
use the octave version. With

Now that I've done that, it works fine. My problem was that I originally installed a 2.1 version of Octave from fink which had no interp1 - when I switched to the 2.9 series, I didn't realize interp1 was available.

It works beautifully now, thanks!

Daniel Drucker

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