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Re: using gmres.m from Matlab

From: A S Hodel
Subject: Re: using gmres.m from Matlab
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 07:41:57 -0500

Related to GMRES: see the routine "krylov.m" in Octave.

On May 8, 2007, at 1:59 AM, baptiste AuguiƩ wrote:


I'm using a Matlab code which deals with huge matrices. There is some inversion required, for which I have several options:

direct inversion

The last three don't seem to be available in Octave. Since I own a licence of Matlab but can only run Octave on a remote supercomputer, is it OK for me to copy these Matlab files and use them with Octave? Is that a stupid thing to do?

Another option I'll look into is using FFT techniques since my matrix has a particular Block Toeplitz structure, but that will probably require quite a bit of work.

best regards

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