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From: Simon Hammond
Subject: Re: Octave EXEC_PREFIX
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 15:55:35 +0100

Hi All,

This seems to have fixed the problem. I'm using 2.1.73, finally have it compiled for Condor with checkpointing enabled. It requires g++/gcc 3.3 to compiler (this is the only compiler I can get it work with), seems the Condor libraries aren't happy with anything else.

Thanks for your help.

Si Hammond,
Univ. of Warwick

On 02/05/07, John W. Eaton <address@hidden > wrote:
On  2-May-2007, Si Hammond wrote:

| I've managed to get a build of Octave to run successfully. When I run
| a script I get an error that EXEC_PREFIX has not been defined.
| I can't install in /usr/local and all of the octave-config parameters
| come back as subdirectories.
| How can I change this? Is there a configuration file anywhere I can
| alter?
| Many thanks for your help,

What version of Octave are you using?

Does the patch posted with the following message help?


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