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plot ymin and ymax of the plot

From: rizesimoes
Subject: plot ymin and ymax of the plot
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 16:00:08 -0300

Hi user's

I have problem...

I need to put in scale values of the ymax and ymin.
I'm doing multiplot's and want only ymin and ymax
I'm using of the ytics this way:

__gnuplot_set__ ytics ("0" 0, "1" 1) 

This work for a type of plot ok, but for they other doesn't because of the y 
interval changes. 
May be 0 and 1 or -1 and 1

I can't pass the variable value that I define as parameter to the plot 
My variables are:

ysmax= max(ys)
ysmin= min(ys)

Help me please!

Marize Simoes

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