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Octave-Forge Windows Installer (2.1.73) Can't load Forge Packages

From: Simon Barchard
Subject: Octave-Forge Windows Installer (2.1.73) Can't load Forge Packages
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 17:59:28 +0200




Hi all,


I am trying to get started with Octave and have so far had success (after a bit of work) using built in functions and GNU Plots etc.


I would now like to use some of the Octave-Forge functions, as I want to load .wav files for some sound processing. I am however having a lot of problems with this; and to date have not been able to get any Octave-Forge functions working. I suspect that it is a path issue so my octave paths are listed below:


Octave's search path contains the following directories:













From what I heave read I should be able to load the Octave-Forge functions by using:

"pkg load all"


"pkg load _package_name"


Neither of these commands work, I just get a syntax error. I installed Octave using the Octave Forge for Windows binary 2.1.73 (Windows Installer March 24, 2006 ) The link called “testing” on Octave Site.


Any tips on how I can debug my setup to get the Octave Forge Packages working? What is the simplist way to isolate the problem, are there any simple test calls I can make?


Naturally any help is most appreciated.



Octave WIndows Installed (2.1.73)

Windows XP (‘cause I have to!)



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