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Re: ARPACK library causing problem while compiling Octave-2.9.10

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: ARPACK library causing problem while compiling Octave-2.9.10
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 14:24:42 +0200
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Daniel Oberhoff wrote:
> Hi,
> When I was preparing a 2.9.10 port for macports I ran into similar  
> problems with arpack. The problem there was that the arpack port used  
> different compiler directives/compilers for compiling the fortran  
> files. The difference is in the way underscores are used. I have no  
> overview which is used when, but I have seen __fun and _fun before,  
> fun_ seems unusual to me.
> The compiler directives should be the same for all of your fortran  
> libraries (arpack, blas, maybe also suitesparse?). And in your case  
> they seem not to be.
> You could try to find out where those functions are usually defined  
> (maybe lapack or blas) and then look at how the names are mangled  
> inside that library (ldd on linux, otool on osx) and then compare to  
> how they are mangled in arpack.
> It is a little weird in your case also though, because the undefined  
> references seem to be inside arpack, so I wonder how you ever got  
> arpack compiled. Or was it a binary install using rpms or debian  
> packages? In that case the corresponding dependency manager is broken.
> Octave is usually happey when all fortran libs mangle names the same,  
> detects the mangling and applies it everywhere, it just has to be  
> consistent.
ARPACK shouldn't be in 2.9.10 at all.. It seems that I accidentally
added a test to the file for ARPACK. the ARPACK code should
only link against the arpack package from sourceforge. I'd suggest
removing the arpack test for the configure process...


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