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gnuplot zoom not functioning anymore in octave 2.9.10

From: Petr Mikulik
Subject: gnuplot zoom not functioning anymore in octave 2.9.10
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2007 22:38:42 +0200


>Wed Apr 4 09:33:03 CDT 2007
>| until version 2.9.9, it was possible to enable zoom with the
>| "set mouse" command (e.g. in ~/.gnuplot). After changing to
>| version 2.9.10, this does not function anymore.
>It still works for me with gnuplot 4.0.
>With gnuplot 4.2 I can rotate and zoom 3d plots, but zooming 2d plots
>does not work for me when gnuplot is called from Octave.  It does work
>when I run gnuplot directly.  I don't know what the proper fix is.  In
>any case, the changes you make with the mouse will still not be
>reflected in the axes settings seen by Octave as the communication
>with gnuplot is still a simple one way pipe.

I had a look what octave 2.9.10 is doing by:

        octave> gnuplot_binary('tee a.log | gnuplot');

and there appears:

plot "-" using ($1):($2) title "" with lines linestyle 1;
-20 -20
-19 -19
-18 -18

Therefrom, octave does no longer use temporary data files but switched
to inline data. That's a nice improvement. Unfortunately, gnuplot
ignores "replot" for plots with "-", and consequently mousing+hotkeys do
not work.

Thus, it looks like a strong demand to gnuplot developers to implement
replot for "-". This matter was discussed recently, see below...

Note: 3D plots, e.g.
        octave> mesh(hilb(9))
which produces
        splot "-" using ($1):($2):($3) title "" with line palette;
        1 1 1
        1 2 2
can be rotated by mouse, because gnuplot reuses the loaded 3D data in
this case (no reload -- fast rotation); but hotkeys relying on replot do
not work again.

Does somebody know how to implement it?



Thu, 15 Mar 2007, gnuplot-beta <address@hidden>

> > Furthermore, it would be possible to do a more efficient job
> > of "replot" in the core code that would benefit all terminals.
> > Perhaps I am overlooking something, but I don't see any hard
> > requirement to re-read the original data from a file on each
> > replot command.  Yes, this is sometimes exactly what you want
> > because you know the data has changed.  But more often you
> > just want to redraw the plot with a different plot option,
> > or zoom or view angle.  In these cases there should be enough,
> > or almost enough, information already stored in the data structures
> > from the previous plot.  Why re-read the data file when it is
> > just storing the same information all over again?  This would in
> > particular be of  plot '-', where it is very annoying to type in
> > the same data all over again.
> Mousing in 3D -- rotating by mouse -- does not reread the data, but
> uses those in the memory. It would be useful for those "-" to do the
> same.
> Thus there could be two replots, e.g. replot and Replot, where the
> second would not reread the data from disk.

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