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Re: best Octave developers platform?

From: Steve C. Thompson
Subject: Re: best Octave developers platform?
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2007 01:26:00 -0700

> > Dmitrey wrote:
> > > Hi all can anyone tell me what is best developers platform
> > > for Octave?
> >
> > vim :-)
> I was wondering how long until this came up...

Vim can not compute. <Ctrl P>

> > No, seriously, vim :-|
> No, seriously, Emacs! :-)

Vim is better.  So there.  In finity.

> > Also, I know people who like Kate.  It has a command prompt
> > at the bottom of its window (where you can run Octave) and a
> > file browser on the left pane so you can stay in a single
> > environment, write code and interact with Octave.
> Emacs has tabbar mode so you can at a glance see all the tabs
> you have open with Octave code in them. Oh, and the inferior
> Octave mode to keep everything in one place too.

Yeah, but it ante as purrty as Kate.  Kate is purrty.

> Can YOUR editor do that? Or play Pong? ;-)

Of course.

Wait, I'm not sure what we are comparing...

Think of how nice the world would be if it was truely a vim
versus emacs debate.  Ping.



This is prove that vim wins.  TWAJS (entered by `TW + <Ctrl P>')
is not a word that vim recognizes.  Vim is mad.

(Vim is sorry to the rest of the serious Octave community.  Vim
 wants everyone to get back to work.  Steve, on the other hand,
 wants vim to relax and learn how to play pong.)

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