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How to share variables between functions

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: How to share variables between functions
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 09:45:54 -0400

On  3-Apr-2007, Evan wrote:

| In some cases, it seems that sharing variables between functions
| cannot be avoidable. for example
| function y=f(x)
|     global x;
|     y=quad(subf,0,1);
|     clear x;
| endfunction
| function f=subf(t)
|     global x;
|     f=g(x,t);
| endfunction
| function y=g(x,t)
|     ......
| endfunction
| because "quad" function only accept functions with one scalar
| argument, other arguments have to be passed by other means. The only
| way I know is to use global variables as the above example does. But I
| don't think it is a good idea for that the variable "x" would also be
| accessible elsewhere, thus confusion may be caused. Is there any
| method to share local variables between functions, that is, these
| variables are not visible elsewhere?

With Octave 2.9.10, you can write

  function y = f (x)
    y = quad (@(t) g (x, t), 0, 1);
  function y = g (x, t)
    y = t*x;


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