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A follow-up to my MEX adventures

From: Steve C. Thompson
Subject: A follow-up to my MEX adventures
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 18:09:41 -0700

Dear Group,

To follow up on
, I now have the coding library from running in Octave
2.9.10.  All of the MEX files were compiled using
mkoctfile-2.9.10.  David Bateman's script from
was used, with the following correction:

  _outfile=`echo ${_file} | sed -e "s/\.c$/.mex/"`

The original script had

  _outfile=`echo ${_file} | sed -e "s/\.c$/.oct/"`

which didn't run for me.  *.mex is needed:

  mkoctfile-2.9.10 -o hello.mex --mex hello.c

as I've documented at , a
follow up to

All is looking well in the land of MEX.  (Not to be confused with

Next up: Octave-Forge needs poly2trellis!  I'm on it!  (But
please, somone beat me to it :-)


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