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Re: Debian, Octaviz, and Octave 2.9 (was: Installing a bleeding-edge Oct

From: Jordi Gutierrez Hermoso
Subject: Re: Debian, Octaviz, and Octave 2.9 (was: Installing a bleeding-edge Octave...)
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 10:21:21 -0600

On 29/03/07, Thomas Weber <address@hidden> wrote:
Am Mittwoch, den 28.03.2007, 21:13 -0600 schrieb Jordi Gutierrez

> I agree that everything works swimmingly in 2.9, and I frankly don't
> see the point of using 2.1 anymore, except that the Debian package for
> Octaviz isn't available for 2.9 yet. :-(

If you want to have this faster, convince Kitware that they should
release more[1] documentation for CMake (both packagers and Octaviz
upstream would appreciate that). Or at least that they make their book
easily purchasable outside the US.

Yeah, I agree that VTK's and Cmake's documentation leaves much to be
desired. My local library has slightly old copies of the Kitware
books, and Kitware's business approach, downplaying the freedom of
their software isn't something I like either.

Hmm... If the situation doesn't improve, I might stop using Octaviz
and start glancing at yapso's source instead.

> I haven't really looked into why the recent Octaviz release for 2.9
> didn't get packaged for Debian...

Because our days have only 24 hours.

Right, sorry. These questions always come out wrong. I didn't mean to
ask, "gee, I wonder why the Debian packagers are so lazy" but rather
"I wonder if there are technical limitations with the newer Octaviz
package that make packaging it more complicated than applying the
pre-existing maintainer scripts." Lack of good documentation is the
technical limitation I was looking for.

Additionally, I didn't want to have a new version of Octaviz in
Debian unstable before the freeze (it's easier to get a new version
into Debian's testing branch if you can just adapt the current
version in unstable).

Ah, I see. Maybe after release time, then. I heard some
-devel-announces that release time was being scheduled for April.

If you are using Ubuntu:

I don't use Ubuntu. Some of us really do feel more at home in Debian
than Ubuntu. :-)

- Jordi G. H.

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