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Installing a bleeding-edge Octave next to a stable Octave

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Installing a bleeding-edge Octave next to a stable Octave
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 20:19:43 -0400

On 27-Mar-2007, Steve C. Thompson wrote:

| Now that I've learned about some things about Octave's MEX
| capability from
| , I need to think about installing the latest Octave.  As the
| previous post states, 2.9.10.  I'm running 2.1.73 in Ubuntu,
| which is given to me simply with `apt-get install octave' .  I'm
| wondering:
|   1. how best to install 2.9.10 and if I can keep 2.1.73 intact;
|   2. if 1. happens, can I run the two different versions at will,
|      in parallel (for example, I'm currently running simulations
|      in 2.1.73, and I'd like to, at the same time, play around
|      with 2.9.10 for the MEX work); and
|   3. what the chances are I'm about to completely mess up my
|      system!
| Also, from, link
| `Developmental', which sends you to
| , I'm not seeing
| 2.9.10.  Does this mean 2.9.10 must be installed by way of the
| anonymous CVS option?
| Any help one these topics will be much appreciated!

If you are installing from source and don't want to interfere with an
installation from a package system, then I recommend configuring with
something like --prefix=/usr/local/octave/2.9.10.  That way,
everything is installed in subdirectories of /usr/local/octave/2.9.10.
To use the new version, add /usr/local/octave/2.9.10/bin to your PATH.
To delete it, rm -rf /usr/local/octave/2.9.10.


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