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Re: Can Octave run Matlab code that contains DLL files?

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Can Octave run Matlab code that contains DLL files?
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 21:42:36 +0200
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John W. Eaton wrote:
> On 27-Mar-2007, Steve C. Thompson wrote:
> | Dear Group,
> | 
> | I'm trying to get some Matlab code running in Octave.
> | Specifically,
> | 
> | ,
> | 
> | which has a good library of channel codecs.  (If you know of
> | turbo, convolutional, etc., codecs that run in Octave, please
> | drop me a message).  Some of the intensive routines are MEXified
> | resulting in a directory of .dll files.  Can Octave run such a
> | thing?  I've heard people discussing MEX support, but I'm not
> | entirely sure what that means.  Does it mean the developmental
> | version of Octave (2.9.9) will run this code?  I'm running the
> | older:
> | 
> |   octave --version
> |   GNU Octave, version 2.1.73 (i486-pc-linux-gnu)
> | 
> | Thanks!
> If you need MEX support, try 2.9.10.
> You'll have to build the MEX files from source.  I think there is no
> way for Octave to handle binary MEX files built for Matlab (as I
> recall, they are linked against Matlab libraries).
> Octave doesn't have matrix.h (on case-insenstivive filesystems it
> conflicts with the Matrix.h header we already have) but you shouldn't
> need it anyway, even with Matlab.  So the "#include <matrix.h>" lines
> can be removed from the source files.
> jwe

I just used the script

#! /bin/sh -f
files=`find . -name "*.c"`

for _file  in $files; do
  _newfile=`echo ${_file} | sed -e "s/\.c$/_new.c/"`
  _outfile=`echo ${_file} | sed -e "s/\.c$/.oct/"`
  echo "Build $_file"
  cat $_file | sed -e 's/#include <matrix.h>//' > $_newfile
  mkoctfile -o $_outfile --mex $_newfile
  rm $_newfile
rm *.o

in the cml/source directory of th latest version and built sucessfully
all of the mex files with 2.9.10 (or at least close enough to 2.9.10
that it makes no differemce)


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